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Commission/ Robert-Sauvé Award

Robert-Sauvé Award


The Robert-Sauvé Award honours the exceptional contributions of two people who have worked on behalf of the less fortunate. One prize is awarded to someone working the legal aid network, the other to a member of the public-at-large. Candidates for the award must have devoted themselves to this cause for many years and carried out their work in Québec.

The award is named after the first chairman of legal aid in Québec, The Honourable Robert Sauvé, Chairman of the Commission des services juridiques from 1972 to 1977. Robert Sauvé was convinced that a legal aid system was essential to ensuring access to justice for all Québecers. The winners of the awards have the privilege of being associated with one of the most ardent defenders of the rights of the less fortunate.

The award was handed out for the first time in 1999, posthumously to the Honourable Robert Sauvé.

Network Award

This award is given to someone who is currently working or who has worked in the legal aid network in Québec. The outstanding work nominated for recognition must have been carried out in the context of that employment.

General Public Award

This award is given to someone whose long-standing work and commitment represents a substantial contribution to promoting the rights of the less fortunate. A legal aid network employee is eligible for the award for work done outside his or her employment.

Selection Committee

Every year the Commission des services juridiques forms a selection committee composed of the following three people:

  • a member of the Commission des services juridiques, other than the Chairman;
  • a staff lawyer appointed by the Directors General;
  • an external member chosen by the Commissioners. That person must be either a judge or someone publicly well-known and respected.

How do you submit a nomination?
Any person or organization who wishes to submit one or more nominees for consideration must send a complete file that includes:

  • a nomination form;
  • an introductory letter;
  • two letters of support;
  • a description of the career and exceptional acts of the nominee.

Nomination forms are also available at your regional community legal centre.

The Robert Sauvé Award will be presented in odd-numbered years. Due to the pandemic, the award will not be presented in 2021.

Complete nomination files must be sent  exceptionally before June 30th to the following address:

Robert-Sauvé Award Committee
Commission des services juridiques
P.O. Box 123
Station Desjardins
Montreal, Québec, H5B 1B3

Me Richard La Charité
(514) 873-3562, extension 232
or your regional community legal centre      



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