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Highlights 2009-2010

Key decisions made by the Commissioners

The commissioners adopted the third Action Plan of the Commission des Services Juridiques With Respect to Handicapped Persons. The action plan covers the 2010 to 2012 fiscal years. The Commission des services juridiques cooperates with the regional centres in order to improve access by handicapped persons to legal aid services and thereby ensure they can fully exercise their rights.

In January 2010, the commissioners also adopted the Annual Information Technology and Communications Francization Action Plan for fiscal 2010-2011. It sets out the undertaking of the Commission des services juridiques to work towards ensuring that the entire legal aid network complies with the Government of Québec's standards for information resources.

The fifth year of an increase in the eligibility thresholds

On January 1, 2010, legal aid eligibility thresholds were increased for the fifth consecutive year, following the adoption of the Regulation to amend the Regulation respecting legal aid, enacted by Order in Council 1277-2005 dated December 21, 2005. This is the last of the five annual increases provided for in the Regulation.

The Regulation also provides for annual indexation of legal aid eligibility thresholds in keeping with the benefit increase rate granted under the Social Solidarity Program to persons with severe employment limitations.

Increase in legal aid applications

The year 2009-2010 saw an increase in the number of legal aid applications. During the past fiscal year, applications increased by 1.5% and the percentage of applications accepted by legal aid staff lawyers remained stable as compared to last year. These results suggest that the efforts of the legal aid network to maintain a balance in the plan offerings are bearing fruit.

Information campaign

The Communications Department, in cooperation with the Communications Committee, prepared a checklist and information campaign on the theme of « Legal Aid, Ju$tice At the Right Price ». The purpose of the checklist is to foster greater awareness about the legal aid system among potentially eligible persons. Launched within the scope of the Rendez-vous avec la justice week, it is available at legal aid offices and on the Web site of the Commission des services juridiques.

Robert-Sauvé Award

The 2009 Robert-Sauvé Award, Public-at-Large category, was given to Father Yves Marcil for his establishment of some twenty community groups and services that assist individuals affected by poverty. The Legal Aid Network category of the award was conferred upon Me Lise Malouin, a lawyer at the downtown Québec City legal aid bureau of the Regional legal aid centre of Québec, for her involvement as president of the Maison de la famille de Québec and her work to improve access to justice.

Bill 83

Management of the Commission des services juridiques worked with the ministère de la Justice in order to lay the foundation for Bill 83 entitled An Act to provide a framework for mandatory state financing of certain legal services which was introduced in the National Assembly on February 10, 2010 by the Minister of Justice. The Bill aims to amend the Legal Aid Act in order to create a framework for the legal services provided to accused persons involved in certain long and complex trials and the legal services provided where a court order made under the Criminal Code grants certain persons the right to the services of a State-remunerated lawyer. Once this law comes into force, the Commission des services juridiques and the regional legal aid centres will be responsible for the management and provision of the legal services rendered within this framework. 

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