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Commission/ Commissioners


Commissioners are appointed by the Government and selected on the basis of their contribution to studying and finding solutions for disadvantaged persons facing legal problems. Members are appointed for three years, except for the Chairman and Vice-chairman, who may be appointed for up to ten years.


Mtre Daniel LaFrance


Mtre Nadine Koussa


Mr. Gilles Baril
Mtre Amélie Binette
Mtre Rachel Caissy

Mtre Amélie Charlebois
Mtre Marie-Josée Hétu

Mtre Joanie Lalonde-Piecharski

Mtre Sophie Noel

Mtre Simon Roy

Mtre Etienne Ruel

Mtre Isabelle Simard

Ministerial Representatives

Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity

Mtre Marie-Catherine Paré
Ministry of Justice 

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