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Legal Aid/ Am I financialy eligible?

Free Services

Legal aid is provided free of charge (also called gratuitous legal aid) if the applicant’s situation fits the eligibility criteria established by the Act respecting legal aid and the provision of certain other legal services and the Regulation respecting legal aid.

Eligibility criteria

  • Annual income (all sources of income: CSST, tips, etc.)
  • Family situation (spouse, children, etc.)
  • Value of certain assets (house, RRSP, etc.)
  • Liquid assets (savings, investments, etc.)

Any person who receives a benefit, other than a speciel benefit, under a last resort financial assistance program provided for by the Individual and Family Assistance Act or any member of a family receiving such a benefit is deemed financially eligible for a gratuitous legal aid.

Am I eligible for free legal aid?

Only the Legal Aid Office closest to the place of residence of the person applying can determine if someone is eligible.

The financial eligibility scale for free legal aid are as follows:

*In some remote regions, the amounts in the table above are increased by 20%.

Contributory legal aid?

Some people who are not eligible for free legal aid may still be eligible if they contribute something toward the cost of services. Find out more.


Try our questionnaire online to help you to determine your financial eligibility to legal aid.

The questionnaire is short and it will take you only few minutes to complete:
Questionnaire on Financial Eligibility for Legal Aid
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