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Commission/ Robert-Sauvé Award

Robert-Sauvé Award


Winners 2005

On November 10, 2005, the Commission des services juridiques conferred the 2005 Robert-Sauvé Award to Mr. Gilles Trahan and, posthumously, to Mrs. Lyne Garon. Me Denis Roy, Chairman of the Commission des services juridiques, presented the Award.

The Robert-Sauvé Award honours the exceptional contribution of individuals to promoting the rights of the less fortunate. It is comprised of two components, the General Public Award and the Network award.

« General Public » category

Mr. Gilles Trahan

Photo: Paul Ducharme

In the photograph: Mr. Gilles Trahan, recipient of the general Public Award of the Award, Me Denis Roy, Chairman of the Commission des services juridiques, and Mrs. Stéphanie Garon, sister of the late Mrs. Lyne Garon, who rec
Mr. Gilles Trahan
The Award for the General Public Award was conferred on Mr. Gilles Trahan, chairman of the board of the Community Legal Centre of the Outaouais. Mr. Trahan has been a board member for 25 years and the board chairman since 1991. During all of these years, Mr. Trahan has spared no effort to ensure that quality legal services are provided throughout Québec to the less affluent members of our society. He has made an exceptional contribution to maintaining, improving and promoting the rights of the less fortunate. Concurrently with his involvement with the Community Legal Centre of the Outaouais, Mr. Trahan also devoted his time to several organizations whose primary objective is to help those least fortunate in our society. He is the founding chairman of the 'Soupière de l’amitié' which was established in 1986. He has also been involved as a volunteer in Centraide's annual fundraising campaigns and in a number of other charitable and social activities in his region. Mr. Trahan has always endeavoured to denounce social injustice and has worked tirelessly to redress such injustice.

« Legal Aid Network » category

Mrs. Lyne Garon

Mrs. Lyne Garon
The Award for the Network Award was conferred, posthumously, on Mrs. Lyne Garon who was employed by the legal aid network as an intake and desk officer for more than 31 years. Mrs. Garon was an active participant in the creation and organization of the union of legal aid support employees of which she was the first president. She held this position until 1995. She was known as a strong activist for women's rights and, in her quest for justice, contributed to the development of a legal aid system that emphasizes justice and fairness for women. Throughout her years working for legal aid, she always had the well-being of the clients of her bureau at heart. She put her all into ensuring their satisfaction, reassuring them and steering them towards those who could help them. She consistently showed a keen interest in legal aid and was highly appreciated by her co-workers for her joviality, vivacity and willingness to listen to others, traits that ensure she will not be forgotten. She is the first support staff member to receive the Robert-Sauvé Award.
Robert Sauvé
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