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Commission/ Robert-Sauvé Award

Robert-Sauvé Award


Winners 2015

On November 5, 2015, Me Denis Rosy, Chairman of the Commission des services juridiques, proudly presented the 2015, Robert-Sauvé Awards in Longueuil.

THe winner of the 2015 Robert-Suavé Award int the General Public category is Ms. Nicole Poirier for her exceptional work with thos suffering form Alzheimer's disease.

The winner in the Legal Aid Network category was bestowed posthumously on Me Claude Hargreaves for thi 41 years of Commitment and involvement in the Community Legal Centre of Montreal and the legal aid network

« General Public » category

Miss Nicole Poirier

Photo: Martin Laprise

From left ot right: Me Denis Roy, chairman of the Commission des services juridiques and Ms. Nicole Poirier, recipient of the Robert-Sauvé - General Public award
Ms. Poirier is the Executive Director of the Carpe Diem - Centre de Ressources Alzheimer and founder of the Maison Carpe Diem in Trois-Rivières.  Ms. Poirier, who developed a humanistic approach to people with Alzheimer's disease, has made Carpe Diem's approach an international reference for services aimed at this type of clientele.  The Carpe Diem approach prioritizes a human connection that seeks to listen to people and understand their specific needs by leveraging the strengths and abilities of thos suffering from Alsheimer's disease.

Ms. Poirier's expertise has allowed her to participate in parliamentary committees, to sit on the committee of experts responsible for devloping a national action plan to deal with Alzheimer's disease and to lecture in Quebec, France, Belgium, Switzerland ans the West Indies.

In recongnition of her exceptional career, Ms Poirier was awarded the National Assembly's Medal of Honour in May 2010.

« Legal Aid Network » category

Me Claude Hargreaves

Photo: Martin Laprise

From left to right: Me Denis Roy, chairman of the Commission des services juridiques, Ms. Myriam Hargreaves and Mr Patrick Hargreaves, children of Me Claude Hargreaves, recipient of the Robert-Sauvé - Network award.
Me Hargreaves devoted his career to helping the least fortunate in our society.  He was admitted to the Québec Bar in 1967 and began his career in private practice.  In 1973, he joined the ranks of the Community Legal Centre of Montreal (CCJM) as a lawyer.  In December 1973, he became the Director of the Mercier legal aid office.  Subsequently, he successively held the position of Director of the Civil Law Division, Director of Legal Services and lastly, Director General from 2001 until his retirement in 2014.

Me Hargreaves was a tireless worker and contributed significantly to the credibility and visibilité of the CCJM. Hi in-depth knowledge of the legal aid network, his vision and the credibility of his actions contributd to hte survival of the organization when its existence was in jeopardy.  Me Hargreaves, one of the builders and reformers of the legal aid network, steadfastly defended the need for such a network in order to ensure the defence of our most disdvantaged citizens
Robert Sauvé
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