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Free Consultation

Legal Aid Lawyers - Free consultation upon arrest

Have you been arrested or detained? You can contact one of our lawyers at any time free of charge, whether you are eligible for legal aid or not. 

Everywhere in Quebec  

1 800 842-2213

Physical address

2, Complexe Desjardins
East Tower
Suite 1404
Montreal, Québec 

Mailing address

P.O. Box 123
Station Desjardins
Montreal, Québec H5B 1B3

Telephone : (514) 873-3562
Fax : (514) 864-2351
Email : info@csj.qc.ca

Fax numbers

514 864-2351 Administration and Secretariat
514 873-7046 Review Committee & Reciprocity
514 873-6948 Financial Services
514 864-8296 Designation of Lawyers and Mega-trials

Private practice fee approval Department

Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm except holidays: 
- by phone: 514 873-3562 

Sending supporting documents for billing through the Internet

- by fax: 514 873-9252 or 1 855 803-9252 (toll-free in Québec)
- Online: in your account under 'Billing -> Supporting documents'

Please attach the 'transmission slip' with the supporting documents

Technical support for billing through the Internet

Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm except holidays 
- by phone: 514 873-3562 ext: 245 
- by E-mail: qfvi@csj.qc.ca

Legal Aid Network

To find out if you are eligible for legal aid services, contact the Legal Aid Office closest to where you live. These offices are run by Community Legal Centres. 

Contact information for Legal Aid Offices 

Contact information for Community Legal Centres 

To Check Your Eligibility

For information regarding eligibility for legal aid, contact the Legal Aid Office closest to where you live. We cannot confirm whether you are eligible over the phone or on the Internet. 

Designation of Lawyers and Mega trials

Me Odette Legendre
Telephone: 514 873-3562 ext: 269
Fax: 514 864-8296


Are you a member of the media? Contact Maître Richard La Charité in our Communications Department at (514) 873-3562 ext: 232 

Review Committee

The application for review must be sent by registered or certified mail to the attention of:

Review Committee
P.O. Box 123
Station Desjardins
Montreal, Québec H5B 1B3


Do you have any comments or questions concerning our website? 
Email us: webcomm@csj.qc.ca

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