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It's time to settle my debts

Information campaign on the legal aspects of indebtedness and seizures in Québec 

The recession does not seem to have slowed down consumers. In fact, Quebeckers are increasingly taking on risk in matters of personal finance, even through indebtedness remains a concern. According to a recent study carried out by the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada, indebtedness related to daily consumption is increasing while savings are decreasing. Indeed, 56% of respondents stated that current expenses are the principal cause of their rising indebtedness. 

The legal aid network and its lawyers can play a key role for individuals whose indebtedness is or may become a serious problem. To this end, the CSJ is offering a free and easy to use checklist that, in a few points, summarizes the essential information on the subject. 'The tool we are offering provides readers with legal information and practical tips in order to help them better manage the negative, and often stressful, aspects of their situation,' explained Me Denis Roy, chairman of the CSJ. Making an appointment with a legal aid lawyer upon receipt of a formal demand, transferring your case to the Small Claims Court, where possible, and knowing how to react if a collection agent is contacting you on a regular basis are examples of simple steps that can make all the difference. Additional information is available on the CSJ’s website and conferences on the subject will be offered upon request. 

You can download the checklist or pick it up in any legal aid office in Québec. 

Want to know more? Consult the information section below. It supplements the checklist and provides greater detail on some things you should be aware of.

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