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My used vehicule - A wise purchase?

Information Campaign on the Purchase of a Used Vehicle and Its Legal Aspects

Swept up by the beautiful warm weather, a large number of consumers will be purchasing used vehicles this spring. In order to prevent speedy impulse purchases, it is advisable to know one’s rights and responsibilities so as to avoid legal misunderstandings.

For a second consecutive, year the Commission des services juridiques will provide consumers with a practical checklis they can use before, during and after the purchase of a vehicle. The checklist sets out the important elements consumers should keep in mind, such as inspecting the vehicle before its purchase, being familiar with the vehicle’s history and knowing the warranties covering the vehicle

You can download the checklist or obtain a copy of the checklist at any legal aid office in Québec.

Want to know more? Consult the information section below. It includes a document that supplements the checklist with more detailed information on what to verify when purchasing a used vehicle. 

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