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For more information on the Commission des services juridiques, members of the media should contact Mr Nadine Koussa, Communications responsible at 514-873-3562 ext: 5249.

Press Releases


Press Releases 2006

Montreal, December 19, 2006. – Me Denis Roy, Chairman of the Commission des services juridiques, announces that the eligibility scales for legal aid in Québec will increase on January 1, 2007. 

The increase forms part of a plan to gradually raise the legal aid eligibili
Montreal, November 10, 2006. – On November 9, 2006, in Longueuil, Me Denis Roy, Chairman of the Commission des services juridiques, proudly awarded the 2006 Robert-Sauvé Prizes. The winners of this 6th edition are Ruth Gagnon, Executive Director of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Québec, for the General Public Component, and Me Jacques Racine, Retired Executive Director of the Community Legal Centre of the Lower St. Lawrence -Gaspé Region, for the Network Component. 

The Robert-Sauvé Prize, General Public Component, was awarded to Ms. Gagnon for her exceptional contribution to promoting the rights of those less fortunate in our society. Ms. Gagnon, a criminologist by profession, has devoted her life to individuals who are or may be criminalized, by offering crime prevention services and social reintegration programs. Through her efforts, she has helped many people regain the dignity to which they are entitled. 

The Robert-Sauvé Prize, Networ Component, was awarded to Me Racine for his exceptional contribution to the legal aid community, including his participation in the implementation of a computer network in the 1980's in various offices at the Community Legal Centre of the Lower St. Lawrence - Gaspé Region. This innovation significantly improved customer service. Me Racine was a pioneer and a leader whose example has been followed throughout the entire legal aid network. 

The Commission des services juridiques, the agency charged with applying the Legal Aid Act in Québec, created the Robert-Sauvé Prize in order to recognize the exceptional contribution of two individuals to promoting the rights of the less fortunate. One prize is awarded to a person working outside the legal aid network (General Public Component) and the other prize is awarded to a person working within Québec's legal aid network (Network Component). 


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Marie-Noëlle Trottier, 
 Information Officer 
514 873-3562
Montreal, January 26, 2006- The Commission des services juridiques wishes to inform the public that, effective immediately, the income schedule amounts for determining legal aid eligibility will be increased.

The following income levels will determine eligibility for services at no cha
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