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For more information on the Commission des services juridiques, members of the media should contact Mr Nadine Koussa, Communications responsible at 514-873-3562 ext: 5249.

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Press Releases 2009

Montreal, December 29, 2009.  - The 2010 increase will bring the legal aid eligibility threshold up by 44.8% as compared with 2005 for single individuals who, it bears reminding, represent 73% of the legal aid clientele. In 2005, such individuals were limited to a maximum annual income o more
Montréal, November 10, 2009. - On November 5, 2009, in Longueuil, Me Denis Roy, Chairman of the Commission des services juridiques, proudly handed out the 2009 Robert-Sauvé Awards. The winner in the General Public award is Father Yves Marcil, co-founder of the Centre Roland-Bertrand. The winn more
Montréal, le 6 juillet 2009 - Le 23 juin dernier, le Conseil des ministres a procédé à la nomination de Me Denis Roy en tant que membre et président de la Commission des services juridiques (CSJ) pour un second mandat de trois ans.

 Au moment de sa nomination, Me R
Montréal, 6 avril 2009. - Me Denis Roy, président de la Commission des services juridiques du Québec, annonce le début de la période de mise en candidature pour le prix Robert-Sauvé 2009.

Le prix Robert-Sauvé vise à souligner la contribution exceptionnelle de deux indiv
Montréal, April 1, 2009. - Me Denis Roy, Chairman of the Commission des services juridiques (CSJ), today launched the information campaign entitled Legal Aid, Ju$tice At the Right Price, aimed at fostering greater awareness about the legal aid system among potentially eligible persons, estimated at approximately 2,590,000 persons by 2010.

You May be Eligible for Legal Aid 

«We would like every person who is eligible for legal aid and is grappling with legal problems to know that he or she can obtain the services of a lawyer to which he or she is entitled, either at no cost or in consideration for the payment of a contribution, » explained Me Denis Roy. 

To do so, the CSJ has provided members of the public with access to a free practical checklist that quickly informs them about the eligibility criteria for the gratuitous and contributory schemes of the legal aid system as well as the services that are covered. The checklist is available at all legal aid offices and on the Web site of the CSJ (www.csj.qc.ca). An array of additional information is also available on the Web site. 

In case of doubt regarding eligibility for legal aid, a person should make an appointment at the legal aid office closest to his or her place of residence. 'Only legal aid can determine eligibility under the system. Each case is unique,' indicated Me Roy. For the gratuitous scheme as well as for the contributory scheme, financial eligibility is established on the basis of eligibility scales that are set by regulation and indexed annually. These scales are available at legal aid offices and on the Web site of the CSJ.

Ju$tice At the Right Price Before the Courts 
The contributory scheme, which is often overlooked, allows persons who are not eligible for gratuitous legal aid to obtain the services of a lawyer in consideration for the payment of a contribution ranging from $100 to $800, depending on the person’s income and, if applicable, that of his or her spouse. Unique to Québec, this component allows a person to know, in advance, the costs to be incurred for all the legal services required in a given case.

About the Commission des services juridiques 
The Commission des services juridiques is the agency charged with applying the Legal Aid Act in Québec. Legal aid may be granted to anyone who is financially eligible, in order to cover various legal services involving civil, family, administrative or criminal matters or matters relating to youth law.

 This initiative falls within the scope of the CSJ’s mission which includes the mandate to inform the public about its legal rights and obligations. This is the third checklist published by the CSJ. The first dealt with the legal aspects of the purchase of a used vehicle and the second with the legal aspects of de facto unions. 



Marie-Noëlle Trottier, 
Information Officer 
514 873-3562
Montréal, 27 mars 2009.- La Commission des services juridiques est fière de s’associer au ministère de la Justice à titre de partenaire Bronze de la semaine des Rendez-vous avec la justice qui se déroulera partout au Québec du 30 mars au 4 avril prochain. L’événement a été lancé cet ap more
Un aide-mémoire efficace sur la réalité juridique des conjoints de fait

Montréal, 22 janvier 2009. - Me Denis Roy, président de la Commission des services juridiques (CSJ), rappelle que la CSJ met gratuitement à la disposition de la population un aide-mémoire pratique qui r
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