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For more information on the Commission des services juridiques, members of the media should contact Mr Nadine Koussa, Communications responsible at 514-873-3562 ext: 5249.

Press Releases


Press Releases 2002


Montréal, February 28th, 2002 - The Commission des services juridiques has learned of the ruling handed down yesterday by the Honourable Judge Réjean F. Paul, a judgement that the Commission was obliged to get by its own means as nothing had been communicated to the Commission.

This judgement orders the Commission des services juridiques to pay in advance the special fees for the lawyers in private practice who are representing defendants eligible for legal aid.

At no time was the Commission des services juridiques a party to the petition or petitions at the origin of this decision; the Commission was not called before Judge Paul nor called upon to intervene in this case.

The mandate of the Commission des services juridiques is to oversee the application of the Legal Aid Act and it regulations, particularly the Regulation respecting the rates of lawyers, duly negotiated between the Barreau du Québec and the ministère de la Justice.

The Commission des services juridiques intends to lodge an appeal against this judgement.

However, if the ministère de la Justice demands the Commission des services juridiques apply this judgement and provides the funds to do so, the Commission will see to the application of the judgement while waiting for the appeal ruling.


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